E-CROSS is a Norwegian invention, and it is simply an Electrical Crosskart. We have based the first model on a regular Norwegian Crosskart, and developed the solutions according to their own wishes to make this available to the greatest possible extent.

Elektrisk Crosskart

Skaar Racing Team (srt-rx.no) consists of two brothers (photo from 1984) who are passionate about Rallycross. We have driven themselves actively and participated in many exciting projects in motorsport. Marketing and driving training, car rental and TV productions plus much more.

In 2017, we decided to make an Electric Crosskart for children, and it was launched during the FIA World RX round in Norway (RallycrossInHell) June 2018. We have since developed and have more exciting plans for the future.

We have made a model for children from 6 years old, and called the E-CROSS KID. This is the first model and we hope that it will be easier for people to start with motorsport. Here is little maintenance, and this is something most people can learn to use in the future.

The goal is, of course, that with an Electric Crosskart we can drive closer to cities and towns without noise and pollution. Thus we can reach out to many who would not start with motorsport in the first place. Perhaps there will be a star out there we catch up with E-CROSS test drive.

If you want to know more about E-CROSS, you can send an email to CEO Frode Skaar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We plan to run a series in Norway already in 2019, and will look at development and interest from other nations on a continuous basis. Our plans are that E-CROSS will be available to large parts of the world in the future, and we will work with investors for the future.

The goal is that this will lead to recruitment and that you can master a vehicle at a young age, whether driving rally, rallycross, racing, drifting or other vehicles.

 Starting a test run in E-CROSS can lead to something big in the future!

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