Info about E-Cross (Elektrisk Crosskart)!

Info about E-CROSS (Elektrisk Crosskart)!

E-CROSS is a Norwegian invention, and it is simply an Electrical Crosskart. We have karts for children and adults!

Elektrisk Crosskart

The goal is, of course, that with an Electric Crosskart we can drive closer to cities and towns without noise and pollution. Thus we can reach out to many who would not start with motorsport in the first place. Perhaps there will be a star out there we catch up with E-CROSS test drive.

Hopefully, this will cause more people to get into the sport, which leads to recruitment and that you can master a vehicle at a young age, whether driving rally, rallycross, racing, drifting or other vehicles. Watch short video her!

Olliver Sollie (born 2010) has been our test driver in E-CROSS KID, and he is brilliantly pleased with the vehiclehas.

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